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How we pamper our Bonavita flakes 
Our three keys to success

1.    We are the only producer in the Czech Republic using double hydrothermal treatment for processing the cereals. Thanks to this, we can control the enzymatic process precisely – this modification significantly increases the digestibility of protein, starch and fat in grains. As a bonus, it has a positive impact on the quality of the flakes and their shelf life. 
2.    We prefer raw materials from domestic producers and we mostly process oats with glumes. What is its superpower? From sprouting to the harvest, it is protected at all times by the glumes. (A glume is the outer covering that protects the grain.) 

3.    We only use undamaged grains, because flakes made of those are qualitatively and nutritionally of higher quality. 

And because we truly care about cereal flakes, in 2020 we launched a new five-storey "cereal flake factory" for the production of cereal flakes!

The production line is equipped with the latest German technology and connected to other production facilities. This ensures perfect handling of the processed raw material. The German technology ensures a minimum glume content in the final product and by using optical sorting, we eliminate the risk of damaged or mould-infested grain making it into your bag of cereals.

Our range of cereal flakes

We offer 500g packs of cereal flakes or convenient 750g family packs. 
For our business partners, we also supply 15-kg PAP bag packaging or 1000-kg bags (BIG BAG).