1. About us
  2. About us

The story of BONAVITA began in 1991, when it was founded as a family company, and it has remained one to this day. Today it is a leading Czech food company focused on the production and sale of well-balanced nutrition products. Our customers are people of all ages, hobbies and professions, but they are united by their healthy lifestyle, interest in the environment and support for Czech products.

The word “BONAVITA” comes from Latin and can be loosely translated as “GOOD LIFE”.

We did not choose the name randomly. We develop products for you on the basis of the philosophy of living well. 

We have been on the Czech market for over 30 years…

We are proud of the fact that in the production of cereals, BONAVITA is currently unrivalled in the Czech Republic and is one of the top producers of cereals in Europe. Currently, we have two production plants in the Czech Republic and one in Slovakia. Roughly 50% of our turnover is generated by exports to multiple countries, from Slovakia to Germany, Lithuania and Sweden, not excluding exotic countries outside the EU. 

Our priorities 

  • Highest product quality + customer satisfaction.
  • Remaining a Czech manufacturer which favours local ingredients.
  • Promoting sustainability (e.g. we pelletize the glumes that are left over from production, thus creating an environmentally friendly fuel from a renewable source) and health (e.g. we reduce the use of sugar and palm oil).